Windows S - never again

So, my trusty Surface Go has been running under Windows 10 S (Sandbox?) since I almost exclusively use it with public Wi-Fi, it is my trustworthy Starbucks companion. I use it with Microsoft Wedge keyboard and Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse.

A few days ago I received yet another Windows upgrade. After this my mouse is now a HID compliant generic device. The scroll function on the top and the second mouse button functionality is a thing of past.

Running on S I can’t install external drivers unless Windows Store provide it. Perhaps Logitech and Microsoft are no longer on speaking terms because the Logitech drivers are no longer available (SetPoint I think they called it). Uninstalling the mouse and reinstalling it in the hope that Windows Update will recognize it and find the correct driver basically is just an extended middle finger. Same old generic HID driver.

Never ever give up control to huge corporations again. Take it from me. They don’t want to protect you, they just want to cover their own scrawny bums.


Never better said…


Is Windows S really that much more secure than a locked down normal Windows installation? Can’t you just switch to that? You could do your work on a guest account if you really want peace of mind.

If I recall correctly, you can’t switch back, but I think Microsoft no longer even really care about Windows S.


They certainly don’t, but I ignored the signs. Since I’m on public wifi most of the time I like the idea that nothing outside the Windows Store can be installed. Wishbit was a switch instead, whennon public wifi it would turn on automatically.

I definitely don’t trust windows to put the right driver for my device. My laptop had a conflict between Nvidia driver and AMD radeon integrated graphic, download the newest driver fixed that, but a Windows update and it went back to error state. It’s a very serious error that would render all graphic software unable to start ( clip studio, Krita, Rebellale, opentoonz etc). And my Laptop is not unbranded Chinese stuff but a Lenovo gaming one.

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Apparently I’ve been subjected to some sort of stealth upgrade because the mouse is back to working properly. Took a week though.