Windows 12 - CorePC

Try try again:

Sounds almost “componentized” so does that mean keeping a minimal load on your respective device so all else can live in Azure cloud heaven?

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We are supposed to get a briefing on this next week. However the key word I keep hearing is “modular” in the context of a lighter weight overal load of windows optimize for device type/purpose. In other words a different build and load out for a gaming laptop versus a lightweight 2 in 1 like the Dell XPS


Yes and no.
It is a more modular system, where they can compete against the like of ChromeOS or in Enterprise environment.
The same version can also blown up to the full version.
So it can be way more stripped down then Windows S or it can be the Enterprise version

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Where have we heard this before - oh yeah

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Sure, but it seems the base is even more modular and we are now a few years further int development.

Cars have always claimed to be better then the one before, and some realy were