Windows 11

On a more positive note, reviewers are reporting that ARM64 emulation of x86 is pretty solid and really works well on the Snapdragon Elite:

The lawyer in me wonders how in the world they are doing the emulation AROUND Intel’s intellectual property…




Talked about in another thread, but MSalready has a considerable chunk of emulation IP that they own, in part to work they did with Citrix especially in the 2010’s…


I am not thrilled with Surface Pro X battery life, and my Android subsystem is all messed up, so I am wiping Windows 11 with this guide this morning…



What about Ballmer? Doubt anyone would ask his advice on anything.:joy:


He’s been pretty solid at managing the Clippers(I say this as someone who dislikes the team). Then again, the guy before him wasn’t known to be well liked for his team management & being a slum-lord.


I’ve heard of Gates being described as a lot of things, but not this…

Oh, was referring to the previous owner of the Clippers, Gates wasn’t even on my mind.


Bill was secretly in the back of your mind

Sheesh, right out of the blue my Legion Go’s Windows 11 installation gave me a black screen after taking too long to get past the Welcome screen. Repeatedly, native monitor or external. I looked up the symptoms and it seems to be quite common. I guess I’ve been lucky all these years not to have had it before.

I booted into BIOS and into repair and then advanced and then diagnose and fix what’s keeping me from loading Windows or some such options. It immediately rebooted and everything appears to be normal. But now I don’t trust it.

Has anyone else gone through this and is there something I should be doing to prevent it from happening again?

We have seen this too with the legions we have seen and it appears to be a bug in loading the Legion control app, which then results in a fairly destructive crash.

The only "workaround’ seems to be not to have the legion shell to launch at startup.


Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I believe I disabled that when I first got the Legion Go. Nothing related to it is in the startup apps in task manager. So it must be something else. :crying_cat_face:

Not sure if it could be related, but there is/was a new firmware update that is kind of going under the radar at the moment as it’s not automatically found with the Legion app.

Lenovo sent it to us directly when we were working with our customers trying to match it with a GPU dock. It nominally is for thermal management and “stability fixes” but perhaps its’ worth reaching out to Lenovo for?

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There was one just recently. So there’s another? If it happens again I might just do that. It’s running fine right now, ever since I did that repair yesterday. :crossed_fingers:

Yes the one we received from direct from Lenovo has yet to appear as an update in the Legion app as far as I know.

Possibly as it might have its own issues. It’s marked as a dev versus final release as near as I can tell


Thank you, :satyarr:. :roll_eyes:


Yes Dale, you are thinking of LTSC (and maybe even LTSC iOT edition). Enterprise only and not yet released for Win 11. Not only Enterprise only, but only legally available to large entities. It’s a serious problem for me now because Rachele’s wheelchair mounted, voice output tablet requires near absolute stability - every ridiculous “notification” or ad or … is the same as gagging her. MS recommends using Win10 LTSC until they release Win 11 LTSC, but, surprise, the latest Intel processors (at least with the BIOS used by HP) will not recognize the new audio board under Win10. Rachi’s 6 month older unit can still run Win10 LTSC iOT, but I’m stuck with Win 11 and the best I’ve been able to do is use OOSU10 and group policies to get rid of some of the annoyances. (LTSC is the one situation in which I plead necessity as the root of an “illegally” licensed installation.)




@dstrauss, this might be why Microsoft is not talking big about their Monday event in a livestream. Of course, they would be the ones to drop the ball, which is course of the software part and worse yet it is their big AI push which is looking like it is going to start out as a whimper at best…

EDIT: Ian Cutress actually got this one wrong. It turns out it would be Intel who uses the inefficient DirectML DirectX API for some of their NPU functions while Qualcomm and AMD were smart and avoid this mistake.