Windows 11

I did and in fact they also work with the two major e-ink panel OEMs to make the panels wacom compatible


Hence the need for new laws, right? :wink:

I’ve noticed that lawyers are perhaps the most jaded with respect to the legal system. Wouldn’t you take the EU’s mandate for USB-C finally getting Apple to switch to USB-C (despite much teeth-gnashing) as a positive sign?

I think the legal system can sloely turn things around; it just moves at the pace of a 1000-tonne freight train.


This sounds like heaven:


Maybe it helps disabling animations/effects in System?
I tried typing on my Surface Go 2 as quickly as possible after pressing the start button but I cannot seem to replicate the lag even with animations on. Since the Go 2 is not a fast device, might it be related to something installed on the pc (running on the background) or such?

, yeah my Acer Travelmate uses Wacom AES.

AKA Windows 11 Despecialized Edition. :wink:

AKA Windows Demonetized Edition…


Microsoft: Let’s call this Windows 12…

Us: No. Indeed it is Saruman Windows 11, one might almost say, Saruman Windows 11 as it should have been.

They could monetize it by giving folks the chance to buy it for a reasonable fee — I’d be down for it.

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Apparently “Write anywhere” or something along those lines was added a while back?

Annoyingly, if one resizes a text box widget, it interprets that as writing as well, so one gets an errant character.

Trying to write more than one character into a URL field is rather annoying.

I really miss the consistency and synergy of Go Corp.'s PenPoint or Apple’s Newton.

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