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Thanks for keeping up the apocalyptic vibe :laughing:


Duck and Cover (1080p) (Remastered) - Bing video

Shame on you @Bronsky - that was a flash back to my elementary school years and I thought I had put that out of my mind (not really - you can’t if you lived through the Cuban missile crisis) but now I wonder if our crazy world has reverted to October 1962…

Somewhat like, but with an Atomic bomb there is much more of a material restriction. It takes rare earth elements that are not readily available to the public and sophisticated relatively hard to get/develop technology. With AI all one needs is a bunch of CPUs/GPUs and an internet connection.

Yeah fair enough, although “a bunch” might be underselling the amount of computing power it takes to get GPT4 levels of performance.

Either way, both atomic fission/fusion and “AI” are too alluring to ignore. I’m very curious where the next few decades will take us. And as I’ve said before, I’m excited to be around for this. A lot of exciting stuff is happening in several tech areas: AI, robotics, space, and even just the gradual transition to solar and electric vehicles.

Wait, which thread is this again?

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Yeah, Joe Schmoe (haha) isn’t going to be able to do it, but like countless corporations and governments around the world have the resources to do it, and the parts are so readily available that there is really no hope of preventing them from getting them.

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I’m going to continue here for one thought relative to this comment - a good number of the semi-retiring lawyers and accountants I know are likewise switching to Macs. There seems to be a very common thread: they have used iPhone and iPad for some time, but the iPad alone won’t cut it (sound familiar) so they pick up a Mac to be able to pound out those productivity needs. They also seem more willing than me to go downscale to a MacBook Air because one external screen is “more than enough” for their needs.

But for my addiction to multiple monitors, I would agree that a MBA is far more than enough over the MBP line, so Apple is meeting its profitability objective by not enabling multiple monitor support in the MBA lineup.


So am I interpreting that correctly that the MBA doesn’t support multiple monitors? (Yes, I’m pretty clueless about the Apple world).

I feel major withdrawal when I have to do significant work away from my desktop monitors.


Natively, one and only one - using a hub and DisplayLink software as a work around you can do multiple monitors, but even didn’t want to go that route (plus any users complain of lag trying that).

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Appropriate article title:


Another annoying Edge thing, the new tab page has changed. If you have your page customized to not show any of their garbage news feed content, it will now download the news headlines on the page and then hide them client-side. Maybe it’s only because the Pro X performance is garbage these days, but you can now see the headlines flash on screen before they are hidden. This is new behavior in the past 2-3 weeks.

In the gif below I opened a new tab like 4 or 5 times. Twice it flashed the garbage content at me before hiding it.

Edit: maybe worth pointing out that I am on the Canary build of Windows, but stable version of Edge with this. Not sure it’s rolled out everywhere, but I hate it.


The end of an era…