Windows 11 feature requests

Thought it might be nice to have a thread for assorted W11 feature requests and other possible improvements.

My first suggestion: allow modifier keys for window resizing. Example, CTRL-resize would resize symmetrically. Much like CTRL-Resize in PowerPoint resizes images symmetrically. Never knew I needed this until I got an untrawidescreen monitor. :vb-grin:

And second: I’d really like the ability to customize the touch screen gestures just like you can the trackpad gestures. In fact I’d really want them to be the same!

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Restore pen functionality so that it is possible to select text using a Staedtler Noris Digital Stylus, and to draw in legacy applications.

  • Bring back taskbar calendar functionality from W10 as well as snipping tool shortcut (is much quicker than selecting it from Start since it already enters selection mode).
  • More options for gestures.
  • More options for widgets and 3rd party widgets.
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You guys make me remember how much they removed from Win10 to give us Win11. Wow… That reminds me of a long Reddit thread where someone cataloged all (?) missing features:

Windows 11 - Lost Features

Start Menu

  1. Live tiles replaced with boring grid of icons
  2. No option to choose different App Icon sizes and end less customization options available in tiles grid
  3. No App Folders - Addressed in build 22557
  4. No option for Named Groups
  5. No way to resize start menu
  6. No option for full screen start menu
  7. No show more apps option (Current view displays only 18 apps without scrolling)
  8. Ability to remove pinned apps and show all apps view only
  9. Not mouse friendly, lot of mouse travel for every action
  10. No badges in start menu
  11. No option to pin settings to start menu

Task Bar

  1. Drag and drop files to running apps - Addressed in build 22557
  2. Cannot drag and drop app icons to pin to task bar (Partially addressed in build 22557, can pin apps from desktop but not from start menu)
  3. No option to choose task bar location
  4. No option to choose task bar size
  5. Never Combine Labels options missing
  6. No option to turn system icons on/off in tray
  7. No clock on secondary monitor
  8. System time doesn’t show seconds
  9. Task bar context menu lost option to launch task manager
  10. No toolbars in taskbar. Cannot add Address, Links, Desktop and Custom folders to Task Bar
  11. No screen snip in quick actions menu
  12. Shift + Click - No longer open new instance of an app
  13. No option to quickly change Power Mode from task bar
  14. Apps can no longer customize areas of the taskbar
  15. Cannot view or add Calendar events from Taskbar
  16. People bar has been removed
  17. Always show all icons in notification area is missing, now each app should be enabled individually

Windows Explorer

  1. No refresh option in context menu, there are many instance where explorer fails to auto refresh.
  2. Context menu is missing many options like shortcut, send to, share with, restore previous version and 3rd party customizations
  3. Quick access toolbar has been removed. So no option to pin my favorite commands like copy path
  4. Missing thumbnail previews for folders - Addressed in build 22557
  5. No option to change file rating from properties dialog


  1. Extremely difficult to change default apps
  2. Cannot setup Windows 11 Home/Pro with local account
  3. Cannot setup Windows 11 Home/Pro without internet connection
  4. Desktop wallpaper cannot be roamed to or from device when signed in with a Microsoft account.
  5. Timeline has been removed
  6. No show windows stacked option
  7. No option to disable all background apps
  8. Win + K no longer works for Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth options also missing from quick settings
  9. New touch gestures don’t work well when holding tablet with two hands. Swipe from left edge has been replaced with widgets, switching apps now requires 3 finger gestures.
  10. When “Turn off the store application” and “Disable all apps from Microsoft store” group policies are configured, basic windows apps like notepad, mspaint, etc will not work. This also blocks users from launching cmd or powershell from Windows + X menu

Windows 10.

And I’m not even joking.

The only really nice things so far have been:

  • Windows tiling (using a technique that an old ASUS laptop I had over 12 years ago had - never got it to work on any other computer)
  • File Explorer tabs (could be had with alternatives for many years though)
  • Pen menu (again, taskbar toolbars could do this - now gone)
  • Swipe up to access the Start Menu
  • Screen clipping is better (but has made clipping to OneNote even harder)
  • Desktop stickers that are fun to play with