"Why I Haven't Bought A Surface (windows central)

I do not get the point of these types of articles anymore. He obviously is a user type that wouldn’t be interested regardless, and he makes some flat out misleading assertions too.

Perhaps it’s clickbait, and if that was the intent. mission accomplished as I clicked on it.

Why I haven’t bought a Surface PC (and probably never will) | Windows Central

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:vb-lol: Well then, I’ll help make up for that by not clicking on the link. I sounds like a waste of reading time.


It is a little like those YT videos on “which device should ai buy” and they always end up in “it depends on what you need”. Thanks, I already knew that. Another 9.56 minute I will never get back.


Clickbait to meet an article and word count. :yawning_face:


Good advice.

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