Why am I stuck in mobile view?

I’m on windows 11, edge, on a 24" 2k monitor. No matter how big I make the window, it’s the mobile view. I hate it. I see no obvious way to get back to the desktop view. Halp!

How did you get mobile view in desktop? Have you tried the 3 Dots on the top right corner and in the menu choose view desktop site? Or would that be website specific?

I don’t even know how I got here. Gmail was giving me problems too, and Bestbuy was giving me mobile sometimes as well, but there’s a link there to go to the desktop site. There’s no link for the desktop site on this page and there’s no option in the desktop edge browser on windows to choose my view. Ugh. I already cleared all the cookies to fix the gmail thing. I guess I’ll have to reset the browser next.

Okay, this time, restarting the computer fixed it and I’m back looking at the desktop version of the site. I’m very annoyed at edge right now.


Come to the (slightly) darker side and use Vivaldi.

I mean, pretty much all browsers are Chromium these days.