Which shortcut keys do you actually use on here?

As I wrote in the tips thread, Discourse has a ton of shortcut key combinations which you can see by hitting the ‘?’ key (i.e. pressing shift-/) while not composing a post.

I’m curious which ones people actually use. The single shortcut I use regularly is Ctrl-k while in the editor to add a link to a selected word or phrase. Any other keyboard shortcuts that I should be using?

Not going to lie, this is the first time I’ve even looked at them.

I learned to type on a typewriter and, after all these years of being glued to a desktop, I still use very few shortcuts. It’s just never become habit.


My work here is done! :joy:

I actually went back and look through all of them. The only one I could see myself adding to the repertoire is the # key to quickly jump to a given post number. I regularly want to jump to post 1, and while there is a scrollbar, hitting # 1 enter is faster.



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I think we’re beginning to reach a consensus here. Nobody uses any of them! :sweat_smile:

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It’s not like I can use any of them on the iPad Pro 11 inch with touch anyway. I don’t attach the keyboard for browsing. And I mostly use dictation for posting.

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My access is usually through my Galaxy 6 Lite so no keyboard unless I’m in a typing box like now.

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Now I’m interested in How we all access the forum regularly.

I’m almost always on my MBP when I access it, but that’s mostly because I’m in front of my computer all day writing code through the VDI and I can just easily switch back and forth to check updates here. It’s something to do while my build is running.

Nice question! Deserving of its own thread imo, but I’m totally fine if you want to discuss it here. Personally I’m addicted to the forum, so I check it on my iPhone and iPad (shortcut to ‘unread’ section) and on my Surface Laptop Studio about every half second… :smiley: Check the little blue bubble showing any quotes and likes, and then check any new discussions. Works pretty well, love it!

For me hanging here is leasure time, hence I use my “leasure tablet”. I purposely don’t have a shortcut on my work device well aware that I can’t resist temptation.

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I thought we were all stylus users here, so no keyboards, just writing stuff out, and shortcuts have to be done using the stylus?

(which unfortunately has been unconscionably nerfed)

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Me too.

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Hadn’t realised there were shortcuts or that I needed them TBH.

Must read the tips thread…

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