Where do folks buy their cases/bags/sleeves?

Obviously, I’m searching for something for my Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360, since it’s too large for all but one bag I have — searched Amazon and eBay, and the web and found two possibilities which I’ve put in orders on, but I really wish companies were better about noting interior dimensions.

Considered a sleeve off of Etsy, but it’s really expensive for just some felt — and it turns out Samsung has done a lovely leather sleeve for previous models, so hoping that they will revisit that for this model.

Where have you bought your fabulous bags from? What brands work (or don’t work)?

Essential features?

Features which weren’t helpful at all?

I’ve bought most of my current bags/sleeves from - Bags For Laptops & Tech Devices | Waterfield Designs (sfbags.com), but I still use the Surface line. But the ones that support the Macbook Pro 16 should work for your Samsung.

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