Whats Wacom cooking up?

Things have been kind of quiet in Wacom land for a while. Then I cam across this notice that Wacom will be hosting some sort of on-line Product Demonstration event. When or what hasn’t been revealed, but you have to register on-line for it. I don’t see this on their website…I think I saw the original notice for it on social media, so I’m not sure how you can just register unless you come across the ad.

Since they have released re-freshes to both the Cintiq 16 Pro and Mobile Studio Pro over the past two years in a very quiet fashion, I would assume this kind of treatment would indicate a more substantial product.

A true next gen Mobile Studio? a new mobile device? Anyone care to guess?

This is from the email confirmation I got when I registered

Product Demonstration Event

The date and time of this event are top secret and cannot be shared yet. You will receive your invite a few days in advance, and registration will remain open until the first 1,000 virtual seats are filled. This is an invite-only event, and you must register in order to attend.

Why attend this event?

This event is a unique opportunity to learn about Wacom’s latest innovations directly from our product experts. The Wacom team will provide a live demo, answer your questions, and discuss the journey we took to get here and where we’re headed in the future.


and then there is this:

Why does this seem a bit less than legit?

can you believe that same MSP16 from around 2019 is still going for $3500?

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I have a death grip on my Zbook X2 G4.

If they can produce a screen with tab S8 ultra quality and size for a price lower than the tab S8 Ultra ( currently 1019$ on amazon). :smile_cat:

I’ve got an old bridge to sell you in Arizona…