Whats Wacom cooking up?

Things have been kind of quiet in Wacom land for a while. Then I cam across this notice that Wacom will be hosting some sort of on-line Product Demonstration event. When or what hasn’t been revealed, but you have to register on-line for it. I don’t see this on their website…I think I saw the original notice for it on social media, so I’m not sure how you can just register unless you come across the ad.

Since they have released re-freshes to both the Cintiq 16 Pro and Mobile Studio Pro over the past two years in a very quiet fashion, I would assume this kind of treatment would indicate a more substantial product.

A true next gen Mobile Studio? a new mobile device? Anyone care to guess?

This is from the email confirmation I got when I registered

Product Demonstration Event

The date and time of this event are top secret and cannot be shared yet. You will receive your invite a few days in advance, and registration will remain open until the first 1,000 virtual seats are filled. This is an invite-only event, and you must register in order to attend.

Why attend this event?

This event is a unique opportunity to learn about Wacom’s latest innovations directly from our product experts. The Wacom team will provide a live demo, answer your questions, and discuss the journey we took to get here and where we’re headed in the future.


and then there is this:

Why does this seem a bit less than legit?

can you believe that same MSP16 from around 2019 is still going for $3500?

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I have a death grip on my Zbook X2 G4.

If they can produce a screen with tab S8 ultra quality and size for a price lower than the tab S8 Ultra ( currently 1019$ on amazon). :smile_cat:

I’ve got an old bridge to sell you in Arizona…

So this time Wacom actually give their new screen true upgrade:

  • 27" screen with small bezel so it only take up less than the footprint of the old 24"
  • 4k with 120hz refresh rate
  • 4 shortcut button on the back of each side of the screen
  • redesigned Pro Pen 3 with replaceable components to convert thin pen into regular sized etc
  • buried at the bottom of the spec sheet show that it support 10 touch points
  • True 10 bit display ( mentioned by Dersertlap )


  • 3500$ price tag
  • unlike older versions, there is no kickstand or any stand included. Either buy a VESA mount or drop another 500$ on the Wacom stand. Basically it’s unusable without additional purchase.

And $130 for the pen.

Still, that looks like a sweet professional setup.

Price is ridiculous and expected, but it’s so vexingingly annoying that after having written Wacom off for so long as becoming so utterly irrelevant to digital art from such ■■■■ poor product choices over the past 5 or so years…they finally get with the post 2015 times and shrink the ■■■■ bezels and release a pretty ■■■■ good looking Cintiq.