What tech do you despair will never get a real replacement?

For me, as I’ve noted many times before, it’s my Fujitsu Stylistic ST-4110 — I used it for a long while, and it was pretty much my favourite machine ever (though I still remember my NeXT Cube paired w/ a Wacom ArtZ and NCR-3125 running Go Corp.'s PenPoint w/ fondness).

For various reasons (dim, don’t showroom well, not nice to use indoors), transflective displays probably won’t come back on mainstream devices and there won’t be a device which:

  • is affordable
  • has a daylight-viewable display (repeat after me, “trying to out-bright the sun on a battery-powered device is dumb”)
  • has Wacom EMR technology
  • a reasonable number of shortcut buttons
  • runs a mainstream OS with good performance

If it had had touch and could have run Mac OS, it would have been perfect — if it were possible for an 800 MHz Pentium III running Windows XP to safely browse the web w/ reasonable performance, I’d still be using it.

Similarly, I doubt Wacom will ever make a desktop display to replace the Wacom One which has touch, higher resolution, and is reasonably bright.

What device(s) did you have which were perfect for their time, and which you haven’t found replacements which suffer in comparison in some way?


While I haven’t owned one, I feel like the Surface Go may be on the list. It’s the perfect companion size, and hasn’t seen a real improvement in awhile.

I’m similarly concerned about the IPP 11". With only the 12.9 getting mini LED last time, and rumours of even larger IPPs coming, along with the iPad Air getting closer and closer to capabilities to the pro line, I have a feeling the 11" Pro is on its last leg and we’ll only see Pros in the larger screen sizes. Especially if they go with a MacOS Lite, as some rumours are saying. No one seems to want to support that 10-11" size when a keyboard is involved for a more “full computing” experience.


Managing portability against screen size is definitely something which doesn’t seem to be universally agreed-upon.

I had an Asus Vivotab Note 8, but it was just a bit too large to carry, so arguably replaced by my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

I still have a Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10 — it was about as portable as the AV Note 8, but w/ its origami case and Bluetooth keyboard always felt a bit fussy — a slim envelope I bought didn’t work out any better — no room for a charger/cable in either setup, and battery life wasn’t sufficient to let me carry/use it w/o them.

My Samsung Galaxy Book 12 isn’t much larger, and was slimmer, and I think battery life was better, and best of all, it was (just barely) small enough to fit in my Chrome Kadet Sling Bag. The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 which I am trying to replace it with required its own bag, and the bag which is slim enough for everyday carry doesn’t really suit itself to the plethora of things I have in the Kadet.

Arguably, these days if I’m carrying a tablet it ought to be my Kindle Scribe, so the question becomes, will Android versions of such tablets displace smaller/equivalent sizes of LCD units (whether running Android, iOS, or Windows)? I’m trying to get to the point where I always put the Scribe in my bag, but it weighs it down just enough that the weight becomes noticeable (arguably, some of the tools which I currently have in it should instead come out).

So yeah, I would add my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 to the list of tech which a replacement isn’t being made for.

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It’s not a whole lot, but I tend to travel about once a quarter for my work. Right now I carry my 13" MBP and my 12.9 IPP. I was carrying the IPP with Magic Keyboard, but that was just too much, and now I just take it with a folio. It’s not too much but I would like it to be even lighter with an 11" IPP. I originally got the 12.9 for screen size for art, as I was just getting into digital art from primarily doing traditional art. With the ability to zoom in and out though, I’m realizing, the portability of the 11" is a better advantage, versus the larger screen.

I honestly would probably love an iPad mini most, and keep my 12.9 at home. But I don’t want to buy almost 2 year old tech right now, especially when getting the model with enough storage for my needs is going to cost almost as much as an 11" IPP anyway.

I’m getting off track, but yeah, the point was, that 8-10" portable size is often neglected, but I think is often the best option for a companion style device.

Is wacom even making MSP laptops anymore? I guess that’s on the list. I get that there are Sammy laptops and probably other EMR stuff, but drawing on actual wacom tech felt 2nd to none.

Yes, at least the 16" size:

If it used the same stylus as my other devices, and the reputation for build quality was there, I might have bought one — it’s currently my fall-back if the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 doesn’t work out.

Is this recent? I can’t tell, seeing as how I dont see any information on the processor and there’s no date to be seen, at least on the Wacom page. I always assumed Wacom just left it to die to be forgotten.

Not recent, but currently for sale — makes one wonder how large production batches are, where they are made, and how often new batches of existing products are made.

My Wacom One has “2021” on the bottom on a bar code label (bought it refurbished though).