TV Shows (Streaming included)

I’m not sure how much people are into ‘TV’ these days. I’d gone off it for a while, especially since they streaming services all splintered.

I’ve been watching House of the Dragon though, and it has a couple of the most powerful scenes I’ve seen if not just on TV but on screen. The rest of the show is very good too.

I’ve also been watching another show, but in my opinion it’s a real stinker.

Other than that, the Top Gear specials have been fun, if not the best. And the next season (series to us Brits) of Clarkson’s Farm is due in February.

I’m liking this new TPCR trend, where “tablet PC users” discuss about non-tablet related things. :slight_smile:

Currently I’m watching The Peripheral (Amazon Prime Video). It’s a weekly Friday release, three episodes available so far. Based on a novel by Gibson, made by (some of?) the people behind Westworld. SciFi, bit gory, not exactly relaxing TV, but well made and intriguing.