Triple-Screen Laptop DONE RIGHT! - DIY Perks

Good to see some interesting stuff come out of the Framework. And the use of the iPad displays is interesting, though compared to some others they must be fairly simple and ‘modular’.


That does look really fun. I got all kinds of fun ideas out of this to make other interesting portable devices from Framework parts.

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And I thought @violajack 's hacking of a Surface Duo was daunting…this is next level insane…and that guy is inspirational, if a bit wacked…

That is neat & I like that he made the design open source.

Where do I send my money?
Imagine what HP or Asus could do with that concept.

DIY perks is such a great channel, so impressive and inspirational what this guy does! I only wished I had enough time and at least half his skill to try some of those projects myself.

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Yeah, he’s one of those people who are a bit weird and quite obssessed with certain things.

Perhaps he’s on the spectrum (is that the correct term these days?). I have a friend who is, and he can give you the details of pretty much any military vehicle or even armament from about 1910 onwards. It can get a bit much sometimes.

It put me off him a bit a first, but you can’t deny he’s pretty good at DIY electronics and crafting (wouldn’t be him without brass and leather). Not a savant, but they can be extremely intense.

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