Touch Friendly Alternative to Explorer

It’s also free and open source. I had a customer show it to me yesterday and I like it specifically for my Surface Pro 8. It also has a decently comprehensive tagging tools if you want to impress your iPad savvy friends.

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The iPad can tag files?

Yes, and it’s one of the more comprehensive implementations of it. The OS and apps do some of it automatically, but through the files app on IOS you can do quite a bit more as well.



I’ve had my IPP for over 2 years now. Perhaps I should get to know some of its features instead of just fumbling along with the 5 apps I use.


Bought the Files app long ago, but the thing is a can’t get myself to use non first party apps. Third party apps, no matter how good they are feel like an afterthought and don’t always work well with the OS. Had the Groupy app for sometime too but eventually uninstalled and grateful tabs have become a thing in Explorer.

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