This stripped-down Windows 11 version runs on as little as 2GB of RAM (and

Use at your own risk of course, but 8GB for the OS is pretty good for Windows.

There’s not so much of a need for a small install these days, but I’m sure those reviving old hardware (32GB or 64GB weren’t uncommon not that long ago), using cheap hardware multi-booting, and the ideological will like it.

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Looking at my old Atom tablets and PC sticks
But again, from my experience, devices with 2 GB RAM run best on OS with 1GB RAM requirements so might as well keep them on their original 32bit OS. Could be cool to try on older PC with more decent speed but too old for W11 requirements.

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Quite cool IMHO, And I do subscribe to the belief that the more you add, the more you potentially impact performance .

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I used to use stuff like this in the XP and Vista days. Personally, my experience is that you always end up with more broken than you realize, until 6 months down the road you have no idea why your OS is totally screwed.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate a lot of the garbage Microsoft keeps shoving into Edge and Windows, but people should probably think about the risks as well. (And that’s before considering the potential malware aspects of a random OS image that you don’t know what other changes the person could have made, though in this case the person seems relatively reputable.)

That’s a good point as it’s possible even likely that some of the “stripped out” stuff couls be ther to support older app especially things like class libraries.

OTOH I think anyone looking at actually doing/using this likely has an above average knowledge of their system anyway. I think it would be akin to adding in a different desktop UI in to one of the mainstream Linux distros.

Interested in anyone’s experience with this particular mod.

Doing some pre-spring cleaning and just found my HP 608 G1 I bought off eBay for something less than $100 a couple of years ago. It has 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. The processor is an Atom x5-Z8550 (1.44GHz). It’s an 8-in 4:3 screen.

Seems the ideal candidate for such tweaking…

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Interesting. I have the same tempttation on my Chinee Atom tablet with Wacom and Atom z8300 4GB RAM, which run Windows 64 bit very poorly. ( 2GB RAM Atom devices run Windows 32 bit like a breeze in comparison, that I would have installed 32 bit has the UEFI wasn’t 64 bit only)

But I fear the stripped down is meant for regular laptops and pen/touch component is removed because " not necessary "


I still haven’t been able to find the pen. HP was bad about one off pens.

I would love a refresh of this tablet with a Qualcomm chip inside. That would be the ultimate Windows mini tablet killer. Alas, I think mini Windows tablets are a thing of the past with the remaining relic being the Surface Go family.

I hope the Go survives. From my experiment with the Pro X, I know I can run all of my necessary software on WOA. Now I need a fair boost in power and battery life for this little tablet that could.

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Well, I mean the sub-10-inchers. Surface Go has a large following and there are PC brand derivatives, so I suspect that device class isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Phew! I also thought you meant the Go was a goner :sweat_smile: