The iPod is officially over

While it’s the iPhone that led them to the tech giant they are today, it was almost certainly the iPod that saved the company, and arguably set the stage by giving Apple as a company legitimacy, which was a springboard to the iPhone’s success.

Apple discontinues its last iPod | Engadget


Everything has a lifespan. There was a time when everyone thought the Sony Walkman was forever, then it was the era of the iPod, and in neither era did people think it would ever end. The iPhone too shall eventually end, replaced by some other iconic product that people will proclaim as taking over everything forevah.

Among those were and are novelists who don’t understand that they’re putting an expiration date on their stories. I tried to tell a client once to use a generic term instead, or make up a brand name, and I never did that again. They neither believed nor wanted to hear it and it wasn’t wise to upset a client. So I kept my mouth shut thereafter. (These were future SciFi settings)

RIP iPod. You had a good run.


The iPod had an incredible impact that people often forget - it changed the music industry forever and led us to the streaming we now enjoy. Yes, MP3 players came first (RIP Rio), but ripping CD’s was a pain, and devices like the Walkman DRM’d the MP3’s you owned BEFORE loading them on your Walkman.


Before iPhones had waterproof ratings (and what insurance coverage was available was poor, excluding water damage), the iPod nanos were great for the beach without risking the full iPhone.

I admit I never warmed up to paying 70% of the price of an iPhone for the most recent iPod screen and chassis.

There’s a great scene in the Stone Age section of Mel Brook’s classic History of the World Part 1. Orson Welles, narrating, explains cavemen found sense of awe in death but lacked the time for complicated burial rituals. So goes the iPod.
Death - YouTube

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I actually still use my ipod Classic. I love it. Focused, simple, easy to use, free of distractions, good sound. I plan on continuing to use it. Great little device! :slight_smile:


Agreed. Spoken as a dinosaur who recently re-ripped his CD collection because 160 kbps wasn’t cutting it anymore. Next up: lossless compression.


Yes I had my original firewire based one for years and went through all kinds of machinations to get it to work with my pc before Apple released newer software and hardware to make it easier .

Unfortunately mine didn’t fail but got left behind in a seat back I think on a series of trying overseas flights.

And the original click wheel IMHO is one of the all time physical UI interfaces

One other side note to this discussion. I have no idea how many are actually doing this but at least some users as buying unlocked iPhones to use as iPod touch like device, but with the benefits of a faster processor and/or a larger display.

One major flaw in this is apples insistence on a SIM/active cell service to initially setup an iPhone. It would seem to me that Apple should revisit that decision.

I didn’t know this since I have never tried. Interesting. I wonder if it’s a concession to the service providers they made in exchange for having control over updates and such?

I’ve never heard an "official " reason either, but I strongly suspect that’s the case, especially considering that Cingular (now AT&T) was their launch partner and was actually an exclusive originally.

The iPod touch was also the cheapest device developers could buy to test that their Apple iPhone Apps would work in the real world.

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