The ARTificial Onslaught

I need to use ChatGPT to write a book on using ChatGPT to write legal briefs! Sounds like a winner.

@aquarake - they can have the job if they want it.

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Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. :upside_down_face:

Bonus round:

Last level:

Final boss:


Funny you should bring up music. From today:

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Absolutely hysterical. Thanks for that. I cant tell if I like the Shatner or Orwellian style better. I so like the description of a legal brief as the warp core of legal argument

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I hereby claim the name “TSN - The Synthetic Network” where I will us AI to synthesize everything - actors, programming, plot lines, scripts, commercials, audiences - all the figment of AI’s imagination - 24/7!

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Well, well, well. Nothing is stopping this train.

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