Tech deal alert

Are EV’s tech? Several Tesla models are getting a few thousand dollars (like $3k-$5k) discount on inventory models, as in “not made to order”. That plus the $7.5k tax rebate makes these cars kind of affordable.

Example: base Model 3 is ~$36k dicounted list, ~$42k including all fees in CA before tax credit, and ~$34k after tax credit. Sure, that’s ten SLS2’s, but this one has has more than 1000x the battery capacity. :slight_smile:


Serious bargain on the Tab S8 Ultra.

Great tablet if want/need the size. The S9 version is only a minor upgrade IMHO adding a bit faster processor and water resistance.

And, the older S8 Ultra’s display actually did a bit better in our tests than the s9 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14.6" 128GB Wi-Fi with S-Pen Graphite SM-X900NZAAXAR - Best Buy

Screenshot to save a click -JoeS


I’d been looking at that s8 ultra deal for weeks, but my next-town-over BB had an open box s9 ultra 512 in cream that finally dropped low enough, so I just pulled the trigger on the s9 ultra.


Lenovo Yoga Book Android Tablet w/ drawing area/keyboard:

EDIT: Sold out

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Does a 14% discount count as a deal? The 2nd gen homepod is on sale at Costco.

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Not in my book. But I don’t think I’d pay $50 for one.