Tablet Pro Pen Tool - Q&A, tips and tricks

We have a thread to discuss all on-screen toolbar apps, but I’m thinking that Tablet Pro Pen Tool (MS Store link) is complicated and interesting enough that perhaps a dedicated thread would be good to have.

I bought this in in the Windows Store thinking that it would offer an easy way to make the barrel button on the MS Slim Pen 2 act as a highlighter in Drawboard. If anyone knows how to make that work, please let me know. BTW hoping Justice (co-developer) will join us here at some point. :crossed_fingers:t2:



Hi JoeS, use the quick input panel to map a location click to the highlighter and a second one back to the main pen you use. You can find the quick input panel in the input - advanced. Or click the Bluetooth button once. Let me know if that makes sense.


Hey, thanks for joining! I’ll give it another shot in the coming days. I was a bit overwhelmed the first time I opened the app. :slight_smile: