Surface DS

Disclaimer: I own several DS’s and have physical cartridges for everything I intend to download. I hope this is within site policy.

I’d like to turn my Duo into a DS. I downloaded a few emulators to try and ROMs of things I own, but the video quality is horrible compared to what I see on my 3DS. My 3DS is quite beat up and missing pieces thanks to existing in the same space as a toddler and it’s always out of battery because everything that isn’t usb-c is always out of battery around here. I’ve casually checked around to purchase a replacement, but there’s nothing around here. I know I won’t get the 3D, but the Duo is just begging to be used for DS games.

Does anyone have experience with emulators and sourcing ROMs that can offer advice? I’ve been through a few Reddit threads, but I’m still feeling overwhelmed by the options.

Sorry, I’m no help. I had good results with Dolphin Emulator on my Duo Uno with a game I bought back in the day, but that’s only for Gamecube & Wii.

I’ve never used any other emulators and I switched to using the Dolphin Emulator on my M1 Mac Mini w/large monitor soon after—much more like the Wii+TV memories. The little Duo Uno was cramping my hands, too, and using touch controls wasn’t very fun for me.

P.S. - you’re welcome to my old 3DS XL for the price of shipping. I never ended up using it much so it’s in great shape, though I don’t know how sitting mostly unused for a decade will have treated the battery.


I use DraStic and Citra on my Fold.

Both run fine. DraStic doesn’t seem to have any issues with any DS games I’ve tried, and Citra is hit or miss, but the SD855 isn’t quite good enough for most 3DS games (simple ones work fine like the kanji study game I have).

And yes, I do only play games I’ve bought the cartridges for too.