Surface and XBox Revenue Takes Big Hit

Not good news for Surface…

Microsoft Q3 2024: Surface and Xbox hardware take a big hit - The Verge

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I mean its not surprising.

Pro 9 and Laptop 5 are fairly old,

Laptop Studio 2 is too expensive, and Laptop Go 3 is too plain

While the Go 4, Pro 10, and Laptop 6 were regulated to commercial only.

So yeah…in comparison its gonna take a hit. I think alot more is riding on these new ARM/Retail devices.

Microsoft needs these to be a big win for them.

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Not surprised.

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To say the last two years of retreads from Microsoft Surface were lame would be an understatement, so the May 20 reveal could be make or break for the Surface division - a weak showing and :satyarr: will send them to the M$ trash bin for good.


Putting Microsoft’s cratering Xbox console sales in context | Ars Technica

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