Space - The Unexplored Frontier

I want this thread to be a place to consolidate any news, photos, videos, etc. regarding deep space related topics. Let’s not include info about low Earth orbit or Moon/Mars exploration. Here’s my first example, the first direct observation of large “super-Jupiter” size planets orbiting a distant star (133 LY away):


What about this?

A neutron star inside another star. This is called a Thorne-Żytkow object


Ultra-luminous X-ray sources: a challenge to our understanding of the universe’s fundamental principles:


I’m going to cheat a bit after I discovered this summary of some of the most interesting Webb discoveries to date:


There has been a lot of activity in cosmology and theoretical physics of late (gravitational waves, etc.) and I don’t pretend to understand this “stuff” but comments in this article really scratched my brain cells:

Another feather in Einstein’s cap “proving” time dilation - but that’s not what was intriguing. Scientists learned this from quasars 12 BILLION light years away. Now think about that - the light we are observing was emitted 12 BILLION years ago - does that not make you wonder:

  1. Do they still exist?
  2. If it is an expanding universe, where are they now they are 24 BILLION light years away?
  3. Or are we still just 12 BILLION light years apart and not really expanding?

I know, I know, “How many grains of sand are on the beach?” but still

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See, Webb has proven even the universe doesn’t know what the heck is going on out there:


More powerful than a supernova: the black hole star destroyer…


As a scientist who specializes in low earth orbit remote sensing, I am very triggered by this exclusion.

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You could start a Starlink thread (oops).

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