Sometimes a company (Dyson, here ) releases a product that is practically parody

I can’t imagine ANYONE actually buying this no matter how well it functions. In this case as air purifier or how good they sound as headphones.

I suppose there are some people with significant issues with respiration, that also want good sounding headphones and have more money than practical sense, but…

And to be clear I have huge empathy for those with these issues, but I can’t see how this is even remotely a solution.

Dyson’s Zone air-purifying headphones start at $949 | Engadget

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Sounds like old Brookstone or Sharper Image junk

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Dyson went off the rocker years ago.

They used to just make powerful and convenient, but expensive and somewhat fragile vacuum cleaners (yet still not as good as a Henry and family).

They’re a lifestyle company. The only newish okayish thing they have put out is the Blade hand dryer.

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This - and having owned a Dyson ball vacuum and a Shark, the Shark eats it alive for less than half the price.