SOLD - M1 iPad Pro 11, 512gb, WiFi Only, WITH White Magic Keyboard

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL DSTRAUSSING - well, not true if you consider it merely a side move for 5g…

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  1. M1 iPad Pro 11” 8gb RAM 512gb SSD with Apple Magic Keyboard (white) - Model MHQW3LL/A

  2. Used with AppleCare+ warranty until March 24, 2024. It has a small nick on the edge of the frame in the top right corner (see photo below) - haven’t submitted it to Apple for repair under AppleCare+ because thought I’d wait until it was really needed

  3. Photos

  1. $800 - a pre-FleaBay or other public sale price

  2. PayPal (but hopefully to a friend not just a buyer)

  3. U.S. Sales Only (sorry good friends but just too hard for this old guy in West Texas). Will ship by USPS Priority Mail with insurance, on me.

  4. eBay Seller dkstrauss 100% (333)

  5. It’s for sale because I switched to a 5g M1 iPad Pro - thank you Apple and your iCloud only solutions. Those who are on the boards regularly know I’m all in on Apple but they frustrate me to death, so I hope between Wi-Fi, AT&T tethering, and a Verizon MVNO SIM I can get connected almost anywhere.

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What a steal. Why do these @dstrauss -ing specials only happen when I can’t take advantage of them? :crying_cat_face:

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Tempting! My iPad Pro 10.5 is getting a tad long in the tooth. :sweat_smile: @dstrauss do you happen to have a spare Pencil 2 lying around? :grimacing:

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PM me and we’ll see if we can make a deal…

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Good move. Love having LTE abord my Go2. Somebody’s getting a great deal.

Talk about a fast sale. Congrats to both seller and buyer!