[SOLD] HP Spectre x360-14 (i7-1165G7, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, AMOLED) with Surface Pen and 512gb mSDXC

  1. HP Spectre x360-14
  • i7-1065G7
  • 16gb RAM
  • 1tb SSD
  • AMOLED (3000x2000)
  • WiFi only
  • Sale includes a Surface Pen (round one with one flat side) and a Samsung 512gb mSDXC card
  1. Used - bought on 11/30/2020

  2. Pictures

  1. $800 plus shipping and insurance (prefer to use Priority Mail Fixed Rate Box)

  2. PayPal

  3. US sales only (sorry to all my overseas friends - just no experience there)

  4. Feedback reference - eBay 100% (329 transactiions)

  5. Selling to thin out the herd now that I have the Surface Pro 8 back up and running. I do have it an extended warranty with HP right now but still trying to confirm it is transferable.

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Now that’s a lot of “dstraussing”!

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More purchases than sales, however…and that score won’t change anymore…

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First of all - whoa! Didn’t expect to see this sale.
Secondly, I will personally vouch for dstrauss’s sales and packaging skills.
Third, that is a beautiful machine and someone needs to buy it right now so I don’t.


Gee, how much did you pay for that extended warranty?!


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It’s $9 per month, but good until the sun nova’s - :rofl: - actually they told me today it is either 2 or 3 years and they screw up so we’ll see whaat tomorrow brings.

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Dam*. Nice sale Dale.

I’d like to buy your Spectre x360-14. Although I’m in Italy, I would ask you to send it to friends in Seattle who will be coming here in the Spring. BTW My daughter now has a Spectre x360-14 OLED mounted on her wheelchair which replaced a T902 that I bought from another denizen of the board. The T902 served her well for quite a few years, but finally and definitively died. Now, I’d like to replace my T902, that’s just limping along, with one like hers as having the same machine makes maintaining her software easier for me.

Let me know how to pay you - PayPal is easiest for me, but any other method would probably be workable too.

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Sold - thanks folks…

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Is this the first device sold on the new forum? If so, congrats on this milestone! :slight_smile:


I sure hope it was to @LROBBINS. Congrats anyway.

@Nnthemperor - yes, it was @LROBBINS. He’s a pretty amazing person.