So what's the story behind your avatar?

Done and thank you so much !


Haha, nice!

and one day I will share the backstory behind my user name, it’s old going all the way back to one of my very first jobs out of high school aka before the internet :slight_smile:


Real funny guys… :vb-rolleyes:


In light of the comments this afternoon:

THE MACBOOK PRO 14 IS STAYING! Experiment (TestBuy?) is complete. Adios Panos & Satya…


I was just about to ask if he used a cut-down DHL logo when I saw it in another topic.


So the story behind my avatar isn’t my avatar per se. That 's thanks to the talent and generosity of @joes :slight_smile:

My username which inspired him comes from a nickname I got from a summer internship between high school and college and which my college age peers heard of and it stuck.

Thanks to connections my grandfather had, and because I was a future engineer (I’d wanted to be an electrical engineer since 8th grade after a tour of HP.) I got an internship at one of the big three automakers test/proving facilities in the desert southwest.

As part of the “welcome” for all interns, I got to drive one of the test vehicles on a course that was designed to test primarily the air conditioning systems but also the general function of a vehicle in high heat/harsh conditions. The engineers called that course “The Desert Lap”

Fortunately (for me anyway) the vehicle I was driving had a major breakdown/failure at about the 2/3 mark of the course, and because I was not only able to relay what happened when the failure occurred, but also the sequence of events that led to the failure, I became one of the primary test drivers for the duration of that summer and the engineers nicknamed me “Desert Lap”.

And my freshman dorm mates happened to meet one of those engineers at an open house at the engineering school and it stuck.

BTW: The facility unfortunately is long since closed as the Sierra Club shut it down due to environmental issues in the testing , though not the ones I was involved with.


The old test track near Ft. Stockton, TX?

Won’t last.

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Today on Reddit:

TIL that Oliver Reed (actor who played Proximo in the Movie Gladiator) died during filming of a heart attack. He became ill after allegedly drinking 3 bottles of Captain Morgan, 8 German beers, cognac, and numerous shots of whiskey at a pub in Malta. The pub was renamed “Ollie’s last pub.”

Seems like your avatar succumbed to too much of a good thing!

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Well, I could have picked his character from Cat Ballou (Joe Knox) spreading Knox’s pox…

I’ve seen the aftermath of one bottle of Captain Morgan. It wasn’t pretty and an ambulance had to be called.

Three and more on top?!


Mine is just me on vacation on the Outer Banks (we went there for a bit over a decade on a family outing) — tried uploading the image, but got tired of waiting — you can see it on my Instagram if you want:


I stayed there (Corolla) a week on an extended family outing in 1999. We saw the usual sights (Kitty Hawk, Roanoke Island) and had a good time.

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@dstrauss What’s the significance of your avatar returning to Don Quixote mode? Is a new OS change about to happen?

I’m guessing it has to do with the new topic he just made.



@JoeS @Dellaster

Sorry guys, the switch to Don Quixote was my post about switching to process over platform - before I became smitten with the Yoga Book 9i…


Ah, puppy love.

That post didn’t age well :joy:

I beg to differ - it did age well. I’m still Windows process focused, and looking at an attractive new Windows device doesn’t detract from that…

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