So the "Universal" in USI doesn't mean universal after all

This is just dumb, given that USI is still just in it’s infancy. In Lenovo’s and the panel makers very feeble defense the new "in cell " design does allow the panel to be slightly thinner, and more likely the real driver, cheaper to manufacture.

OTOH, I don’t know of nay organization, at least in our customer base where a pen enabled chromebook is explicitly in any RFP. And I know of only two actual individual users of pen enabled chromebooks, And both of them are using the older Samsung Chromebook that had an EMR pen.

The new USI 2.0 standard for styluses isn’t so universal after all - The Verge

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One counterargument seems to be the USB-C type connector (although not the protocols). Very happy with that one, because I still occasionally make the necessary three attempts to plug in a USB-A plug the correct way.

the quantum mechanics of the USB-A plug


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