Smartphones will surpass DSLRS in image quality in 3- 5 years

According to Qualcomm anyway. I’d argue that they already surpass the vast majority of point and shoots in image quality with their lone but diminishing remaining advantage being optical zoom.

And even that is dubious when you are talking about the lower end of that I.E. 3-5x due to computational photography.

Smartphone cameras will outperform DSLRs in three to five years: Qualcomm VP - SamMobile


I agree - my Lumix FZ300 bridge camera (f2.8 through full 600mm zoom) has only that one advantage - the 24x zoom equivalent; I even get better macro photos with my iPhone 13 Pro. If Apple/Samsung ever concur the liquid lens zoom capability, DSLR’s are sunk for all but real PRO photographers. I found this quote particularly interesting:

“In the fourth stage, Judd says, AI will be capable enough to process an entire image. According to him, you could ask AI to make a picture look like a National Geographic scene, which will adjust the colors, texture, white balance, and everything else to make a picture look like what you asked for. According to him, the technology is three to five years away and would be the holy grail of AI-powered photography.”

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To be fair your iPhone has a bigger & newer sensor than the FZ300 so it would make sense it be better at non-zoom stuff.

I still rather use my Fuji cause it gets me away from the phone; even more so when I’m out on the trails on my day off.