Smart charging in Windows 11: still terrible in 2023

This probably belongs in the gripes thread, but I find this one especially egregious. After more than a year of complaints, the average Windows 11 user will STILL not be able to figure out how to get rid of the little ‘heart’ icon over the battery.

The Smart Charging Experience:

Step 1: spot little heart over battery

Step 2: click battery icon, which opens power settings. Oh it’s on. No off button?

Step 3: click Learn more. Read all the way to the bottom on the linked page to read:

No link, no nothing. Translation: figure it out yourself! Taking a wild guess that when a consumer then goes to they’re not going to find information about smart charging on the main page.

Final step: use clearvoyance to open the Surface app, expand Smart charging option, and press “Charge to 100%.”

Still not available: a way to resume Smart charging when you return from travel.

It. Is. Terrible.



Every time I think of trying to get rid of my M1 MacBook Air and M1 iPad Pro 12.9", and get one tablet instead (like that new Asus Z13 Flow…or the proposed SLS with a 4060, I read about stuff like this. Why can’t MS get this ■■■■ right?

Don’t get me wrong, Mac has its own issues and @dstrauss and I have expounded upon (Macpad, where is it?). But basic ■■■■ like sleep and smart charging? That stuff is solved.


Right? It’s not even an issue for me because I know where they hid it, but the terrible design annoys me no end every time I run into it.

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So true - how f*****g hard can it be to let users toggle smart charging on or off…

It’s actually symptomatic of the tech nanny state - “We know better…”


Or at least - in their own freaking OS - hotlink from the power settings to the surface app. Instead they send you on a wild goose chase to a page that says ¯_(ツ)_/¯


THIS IS THE ANSWER. Even Mac is guilty of this. They just execute it more effectively. It is about trying to dumb it down for the average user. The problem is life isn’t that simple and then EVERYONE goes to their resident tech person (which is those of us in this forum) to solve why there is a heart on the battery. And then we have to figure out why there is a heart on the battery since we got rid of it so long ago we don’t even remember.

Yet actual useful ideas that we could actually use is not an option.