Shipping needs to be more flexible

First world problems… While online shopping is super convenient, control of shipping is pretty bad. Several times in a row now I have not been able to change delivery times. It used to be the case that you could easily hold packages at Fedex and UPS for free. No longer, it seems.

Recently I was sent headphones with “UPS Surepost” which means “we pick the final stretch carrier for you”. That automatically means you can’t change the delivery. UPS now also charges something like $7 for the privilege of holding a package at a CVS.

Then just this week I was sent something over USPS. Two days ago I placed a vacation hold on my USPS delivery to avoid it getting delivered while I’m out, so of course today I get a message that the package is out for delivery. With my luck they’ll just dump it on my publicly accessible doorstep.

To all shipping companies out there: during the holidays customers are more likely to be out of town. Please make it easier to safely receive our purchases!