Seven Finger Typing

For the first time in my career, I came down with a bad case of tendonitis. But, it was only of my right hand’s index finger. It blew up like a balloon with the first joint swelling to three times the normal size. It hurts like a *****.

In order to rest the finger, I made a splint of sorts and have been typing with seven fingers. I can tell you that, for the first week, progress was slow but I am starting to get the rhythm of crossing over with the middle finger on the right hand and my speed is increasing. It makes me think that I shold start to explore ways to dictate more in an effort to rest my typing hands. I probasbly type half of my normal 10 hour day.


If you really want to be nice to your tendons and so forth, switch to the Dvorak layout.

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Dvorak might be a YMMV solution. But I switched in 1982, it felt more comfortable, and have never had any hand/finger issues, FWIW. Mouse elbow has been a problem at times, however (mostly due to long hours gaming).

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That’s some pretty intense tendonitis! :open_mouth: Hope it recovers quickly. Sounds like you’re doing fine seven-finger typing, but could dictation work for some documents? Or too slow/imprecise? (feel free to dictate your response :wink: )

That is the thing I am considering the most. When I started my practice 22 years ago, I purchased Dragon dictation software. To put it bluntly, it sucked. I have not tried dictation since, mainly because I can type faster than I can dictate and I don’t get lost in my thoughts when I write direct on the computer. But, as I age, …


Do you have Office 365? If so, try the built-in dictation option.

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It has improved greatly and it also has a specialized legal dictionary/edition.

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This is impressive. I can probably avoid a lot of raw typing if I can just dictate the body of my text and them format it later with the mouse.

Do you know if Word for Android can do this too? That would be great to dictate on my phone.

Not sure, I actually never use it, just knew it existed! Hopefully an Android user here can chime in.

Android had system wide dictator build in the key board, and can be activated any time you toggle the keyboard.

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Thanks. Works great. I can dictate right into word and it syncs through onedrive with my Go2.

I can attest to the maturity of MS’s voice AI in Office 365. Even in PowerPoint, close captioning is perfect even in a noisy room. You should def. try it out. Not sure about Android, unfortunately. (Guess my post doesn’t help that much☹️)

Nevermind, just realized the thread’s from 2 months ago. Hope your finger got better @Bronsky .