Security and privacy Q&A

Unrelated, but Uber seems to have gotten breached in a big way. Social engineering to gain entry to VPN, then finding complete user credentials in a script on their intranet. Looks painful! It’s a dangerous world out there - and some companies’ security practices seem less than optimal.

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Unfortunately, as is ever more the case nowadays, the recommendation is appreciated but impossible to watch because I don’t happen to subscribe to that service (Peacock) out of literally dozens of such services, for which it is exclusive. :person_shrugging: I don’t have the wealth necessary to subscribe to them all so there are many good shows I will never get to watch.

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And we are hearing that the NSA tools that got out were among those used.
NSA Hack, How Was The NSA Hacker Tools Leaked - IDStrong

In other news, I just had another one of those scary “crash to boot logo” situations. The previous one was about two months ago. No suspicious websites open, just Ars Technica and

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not actually a security issue, but “just” a hardware error. Like an electrical or overheat issue with my Hynix SSD. FWIW when the crash happened I heard the soft beepbeep that I now associate with powerdowns of the SLS. An application was running that has a very powerful indexing function that hammers the SSD and CPU. So maybe there’s something there, too much power draw or too much heat.