"Samsung's ridiculous tablet keyboard prices hurting Dex" (SamMobile)

I don’t know that I’d go that far, but instead think that lower prices would be a big help to Dex to get needed wider adoption, and it deserves it as if you have compatible apps (sadly a large if), it’s pretty solid and in some ways exceeds apples integration

I think that Samsung at least in the USA anyway often copies/tries to be Apple a bit too much and this is one area. As many companies have found out the hard way, only Apple can act like Apple does.

And specific to DEX, it’s almost criminal in the level of support of 3rd parties. And for example while Logitech makes multiple keyboards for the various iPads, they haven’t made one for Samsungs Tab S or A models since 2014.

OTOH I’ve heard rumors/speculation that Logitech has been the OEM behind Samsungs offerings for a while, so that might explain things. But what about other such as Zagg?

Samsung’s ridiculous tablet keyboard cover prices are hurting DeX - SamMobile

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