Samsung Galaxy Book3 360 and 360 Pro

My book2 360 did a firmware update today, so they’re pushing new stuff now.

Yes, but mine seems to be endlessly repeating — screen grabs:

“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 090914.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 095609.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 095407.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 095338.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 094916.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 094843.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 094656.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 094254.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 093404.png”
“C:\Users\willa\OneDrive\Desktop\Screenshot 2023-04-27 091107.png”

and another one just popped up, even though I cancelled it.

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Hm, yeah mine also offered another one after the reboot from the first one. And another just popped up. Same message as yours.

Yes, but mine is still popping up this screen, despite clicking “OK” more times than I bothered to count, over the course of several hours, and as I write this, there’s another, which I will again screen grab and I will repeat this process until my screen is covered in icons, at which point it goes back to Best Buy and they can either get the update installed, or refund my money.

Mine seems to have stopped producing new ones. Has yours also stopped?

I started shutting down completely after each update — not sure if that helped, or if I just wasn’t patient enough to let things continue, but it seems to be done, at least for now.

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After the untimely death of a Wacom MobileStudio Pro, and having bought and returned the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 once before, I’m now awaiting the arrival of another 16" model tomorrow. Bought another 2019 MobileStudio Pro from Amazon, took it out of the box and set it up… stared at it and just couldn’t keep that giant, aging heavy thing in 2023. So I went slinking back to Samsung. I think I can work around the Book3 pen issues, and I’ve got a large collection of old Wacom drivers I saved from the web. Going to try some old .ini hacking and see if I can’t somehow force it to be recognized by some older Wacom control panel… I’ll post if I have any luck. I couldn’t stay away from this beautiful convertible doodling machine…


If there was a way to install a Wacom driver which:

It would be about the perfect device.

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It’s such a shame that in the 00s we had software wise short exactly what we wanted and were able to customise it almost completely as we liked.

Now, we have much more powerful and sleek hardware, and the software is sleek and easier to use but the it’s increasingly locked down, siloed, and based on subscriptions. Not to mention a fair chunk now lazily coded.

Well, even the hardware is getting that way as well.


Yeah, I was considering donating my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 to one of the opentabletdriver programmers in the hope that getting it supported by that would short-circuit all of these difficulties.

It’s Wacom’s greed. They want you to have to come back to them and by $3500~$2500 Wacom Cintiq MobileStudio Pro’s / Cintiqs (with aging 2019 chipsets) to get the premium experience. They will be made irrelevant by other similar pen tech that is already pretty mature. (Huion etc…)

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It’s so short-sighted.

They’re probably trying to make as much as they can while they can.

I can’t help but think that they could leverage their brand with collaborations for something more sustainable though.

The thing is, they sell the Wacom One, which must have pretty slim margins — I’d like to see an upgraded version of that — the only things all this has going for me at the moment are:

  • the portability of the Book 3 Pro 360
  • the compatibility of all these devices using the same stylus

I’d pay a decent bit of money for a bright, high-resolution display which had touch and used the same pen technology (or are they making it in their business line and I missed it?)

I wonder what Samsung has in mind for a long-term plan if Wacom goes under?

If memory serves Samsung already owns a chunk of Wacom, if they were in financial dire straits the Koreans could pick it up for pocket change.

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Correct, ~40% if memory serves — I wonder if the Japanese courts would have anti-trust concerns about 100% ownership.

Anything interesting happening on the USI front which would assuage that?

Are any of the knock-off vendors making anything which is compatible? (aside from styluses for S-Pen devices?)

See no reason why they would, ownership doesn’t change its market status. There are plenty of Japanese corporations that are family owned.
For all practical purposes Wacom has a monopoly on EMR styli, but not AES and it is obviously the former that interests Samsung. Maybe they could negotiate a buyout of only that part of the company. Besides, I wonder if any remaining patents aren’t about to run out soon? If so maybe Samsung starts making their own?


Probably a buyout if the Japanese government allow it.

That said, a Korean company… The Japanese government might prefer sanity Japanese or maybe a Taiwanese company take it over.

If like Wacom to work with Nintendo. Getting Wacom EMR into a Switch successor wouldn’t be competition to them and would indoctrinate young minds into the temple/church of Wacom EMR.

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I’d love for Nintendo to adopt Wacom EMR for the Switch, but worry that replacing broken styluses would bankrupt them.

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Well, it remains to be seen if they stuck with the ‘Switch’. I reckon they will as the design seems to work. I’d love for it to be dual screen though.

They’d certainly have to toughen the screen if they went with a stylus though!

EMR would be best due to the lack of a need for batteries and charging (the accuracy being a bonus), but I don’t think price would be much of an issue. Many official accessories already are quite expensive (even the capacitive stylus for what it is).

Unfortunately, I just don’t see it happening though.

My condolences. I was looking at an MSP and decided against it. Also, what will wacom control panel do? Play around with the universal pressure curve? Any rate, I’m curious to see what comes out of this. Best of luck.

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