Rumors of next Surface Go and/or a smaller Pro (The Verge)

Plenty of room. MS might have to shave off a half-inch from the oversized trackpad. I agree that it is a necessity.

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It will be tight as I suggested, because based just on screen sizes the 11" only adds 0.28" on the deck size, but it might be doable with a 1/2" bottom bezel…price is starting to ramp up…better integrate Android really tight with Win11 to ramp up “tablety-ness”…

This is all also assuming they stick with the 3:2 aspect ratio.

Much like how Apple slowly shifted its iPads away from what was their universal 3:4s to 10:7 and 3:2

To accommodate things, Microsoft could shake that table.

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Wonder if they could incorporate a more modern hinge and setup from the IBM Butterfly keyboard? Truly awesome.

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Good indication a new Go is on the way. And a bargain in itself if your needs are light.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 – 10.5” Touch-Screen – Intel Pentium Gold – 4GB Memor y- 64GB eMMC Device Only (Latest Model) Platinum 8V6-00001 - Best Buy

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I know we’ve been discussing the upcoming Surface Go somewhere, but where? Anyway, I found this mentioned on Windows Central:

Good thing we’ve got people here who can point is to the right commercial vendors. :slight_smile:

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We’ve heard that as well. It’s possible MS are pursuing a similar path that they did with the Surface Pro 7+ where initially it was a business channel only device and was ultimately a stopgap device prior to the arrival of the Pro 8.

It also jibes with what we’ve heard from other sources that the Go has pretty much dried up at retail and is only selling to businesses.

BTW people should not be ready to dismiss the use of the N200 chip in the new Go. In our tests of the raw processor /motherboard it was significantly more performant than the M3 used in the current Go.



Yes the i3 which is actually a relabeled core m3. Intel stopped using the core m branding, but the chip is a slight rev (.1ghz) of that.

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