RIP Brydge

It’s official, Brydge has ceased operations…

Brydge is done making Apple gear, leaving preorders unfilled, employees stiffed | Ars Technica


Didn’t see that one coming. Granted they aren’t that prevalent in Japan, but people who like their products tend to make an extra effort to get hold of them.

I had their keyboard for the iPad mini 5 and liked it well enough, though it turned out that I never had much use for a keyboard that small. Not their fault. And when I upgraded to the iPad mini 6 it was no longer compatible because of the reduction of bezels. So it was a relatively brief experience with them but not a bad one. RIP.

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This is quite the twist.

While “Brydge” as we knew it is gone, this might not mean their products are.

A week ago I got word that their name might be changing (uinta products) but the gist of it seemed to be that while there were big changes, business’ would still operate as usual.

If that’s still the case or not…can’t say. But its shame, there were one of the more reliable 3rd party case/keyboard makers on the market.