Remote control

Hi, I am trying to be able to use remote control software to control my tablet.
I tried using multiple programs (Zoom, Drovio, TeamViewer) but the remote control is too laggy.
Does anyone know if there is a remote control software that is capable of handling drawing with a tablet?

If it is about controlling a Windows PC/tablet from inside the house (same Wifi), you can check out this list:

Do note that wired option is always better than wifi, but microsoft Wifi-direct might be decent with high speed wifi and lower resolution.

If what you want to do is remote control a PC via the internet ( control your pc at home from work for example), I doubt there is any software good enough to bring an usable drawing experience. Microsoft RDclient is likely the best optimized for pen input but it require Pro version of windows. You could reduce the resolution to try lowering the latency, but don’t expect much from it.

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Would Windows Remote Desktop do better? I imagine lag is always going to be an issue. I think a tenth of a second delay already feels pretty laggy, and that would be a pretty decent response time for any remote control app. Maybe something more efficient exists though. Anyone?