Reddit User Slices And Dices To Make His Very Own Bargain-Priced 1TB 2230-sized NVMe SSD

Related to the Surface Pro 8 and its 2230-size NVMe slot, with SSDes still outrageously priced in the 1TB 2230 form factor, necessity is often the mother of invention and so it was with one Steam Deck owner. This creative Reddit user found out that you can cut to fit a 2280-sized Samsung PM991a to a 2230 form factor and it will surprisingly still work. So with a steady hand and a capable saw, you could net over $100 in savings (currently just $135.13 with free worldwide shipping at and treat yourself to a fresh 1TB upgrade for your Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro X, Steam Deck, or other 2230 NVMe slotted mobile device.

Photo gallery of the making of a freshly franken-cut 1TB 2230 SSD (source: Samsung PM991a cut to fit : SteamDeck (

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I was wondering about this when I was ordering a 2230 SSD & seeing the prices of some the faster Samsung evo models.

OMG - you gotta be kidding!

Nope! Just dremel away and save! :wink: Seriously though, the difference between $100 is just an extra couple inches of unpopulated PCB. Ordinarily, SSD makers fully populate on larger lengths so they can save by using less dense chips. Instead here, in the case of the PM991a, Samsung must just use the same base PCB in the factory for all model variants and then cut it down depending on the specified length of the variant.