[Reddit - r/hardware] Chinese IT names & nicknames: Toothpaste = Intel, Supermicro = AMD, Nuclear Weapons Manufacturer = nVidia


Translations of Chinese-language websites can sometimes lead to confusing results if unfamiliar figures of speech or nicknames are used for people & companies. The following list provides translation and explanation of the most important names:

literaly translation meant is background info
水果行 “Fruit Company” = Apple nickname
超威 “Superpower” = AMD official company name in mainland China
超微 “Supermicro” = AMD writing of AMD in Taiwan
農企 or 农企 “Agricultural Enterprise” or “Agricultural Machinery Devices” = AMD nickname, based on the Bulldozer era
按摩店 “Massage Parlour” = AMD nickname, derived to the phonetic proximity to “A - M - D” in Chinese
牙膏 or 牙膏廠 “Toothpaste” or “Toothpaste Factory” = Intel nickname, based on the slow progress in the 4-core era, alternatively: due to the use of a thermal paste instead of soldering
核武器制造商 “Nuclear Weapons Manufacturer” = nVidia nickname, based on the GeForce GTX 690
GG or 台GG = TSMC nickname, derived from the Chinese pronunciation of a part of the TSMC name
護國神山 “Sacred Mountain protecting the Country” = TSMC nickname, based on the importance of TSMC to Taiwan
老皇 “Old Mr. Huang” or “Old Yellow” = Jensen Huang nickname of nVidia’s CEO
蘇媽 “Ma Su” or “Mama Su” = Lisa Su nickname of AMD’s CEO
红厂 “Team Red” = AMD nickname
绿厂 “Team Green” = nVidia nickname
蓝厂 “Team Blue” = Intel nickname

With (many) help of Retired Engineer(@chiakokhua) and Wurenji (@Wurenji2).

Source: 3DCenter.org