Raytrektab RT08WT

That is the country of where you live. Set that and the rest shall follow. If it is USA look for アメリカ or 合衆国.

This tablet does run hotter than the Atom ones. It’s noticeable when you make the tablet work hard.

I tested out the EMMC speed and it’s about twice as fast as the Atom tablets of a few years back would have been. I’m not seeing any slow down over time. On the other hand, I only use this tablet for certain things and so I don’t push it hard very often.

The pen seems to be accurate at the corners. I’ve been trying it out just now to be sure!

Yes, only one USB-C port. The tablet also has a microUSB card slot.

As for the free license, I’m not sure. I’ll need to check the documentation that came with this tablet (once I find it) and then, hopefully, let you know!

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Thanks! That seemed promising so far!

I already had a pro CSP license but already have it installed on two of my PC. If the Debut license is not time limited, it would be handy not having to switch license often.

Raytrektab turned out doesn’t play well with Rebelle. A shame, I hoped the spec was decent enough to do some water color projects with it.

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Bummer or as the locals would say, 残念だね。

Rebelle 5 needs a beastly machine for the watercolor effects. My M1 Mac mini does fine using Rosetta, but a native version would be appreciated and I wish they would port it to M1/M2 iPad Pro.

It seem they used Rebelle 4 which worked fine on their previous Atom 4GB Raytrektab which make me wonder how. My Rebelle 3 just freeze upon startup on my tablet with similar spec.

Rebelle 3 ran fine on my 10 years old i3 desktop and my Hp2760p i5 8GB RAM, so I thought a modern celeron would be able to perform as well.

Rebelle 4 isn’t bad on my Galaxy Book 12, i5 7th gen, 8GB RAM. Rebelle 5 is more demanding. My previous Surface Laptop Studio needed the RTX 3050ti engaged for watercolor and oil brush effects to run smoothly.

So I just realized Rebelle is still being released with both 64 and 32 bit version (bless them), and trying the 32 bit version on my Asus Note 8 was super snappy ( with memory warning that would limit the amount of undos, but other than that the drawing itself is no lag at all).

The 64 bit ver on my 64bit 4GB RAM atom tablet just freeze upon start, and switching to 32 bit is a bit better but Wacom drawing is still very slow. But I noticed if connect an XP-PEN, the lines actually come out at normal speed, so this could have been result of not optimized Wacom driver on 64 bit system, not the CPU/GPU.

The problem that user encountered might have been similar to this. At least the Raytrektab is warranted to run well with many popular drawing Apps.