Quick Share = AirDrop?

One of the attractions of the Apple ecosystem for me was AirDrop. I’ve only tested it a few times, but it seems like Google’s latest evolution of their equivalent is a pretty good replacement. They’re calling at it Quick Share now.

Sending from either of my Android phones to my Legion Go, after downloading the app to Windows, works just the same as Apple devices to my Mac used to work as far as I can tell. You do have to be logged in to Google on each device, of course. From Duo Uno to Pixel Fold it worked without being connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Nor were they connected by Bluetooth. Interesting.

Yes, I have tried Phone Link/Link to Windows recently but I found it annoying. And I don’t need text messaging and notices to transfer to my Legion Go. Just files is fine. More than fine.

Am I missing something or has Apple just lost one of their walled attractions?