Powerful Sub-10-inch Android Tablets? (Like an iPad Mini 6)

I may be missing something, but I can’t seem to find a power-spec Android tablet with a less than 10 inch screen. Most of the 8 inch are lucky to have 32GB of storage and low resolution not much better than a Fire tablet.

Shouldn’t there be an Android with spec power like the iPad Mini 6?

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The Foldable smartphones have basically eaten up that segment of Android devices.

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Samsung has one in their business ruggeds — the Galaxy Tab Active line:

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Siloed S-Pen is a bonus. And conveniently priced (slightly) below an iPhone. Thanks

And the tab actives are excellent devices especially in build quality and importantly given the price, they get a level of software support close to their S series phones or Tab S devices.

The only downside is that they are not the most top end performers, but I suspect the vast majority aren’t buying for that

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Availability seems to be an issue for us mere consumers in many countries though.

Yes I have never quite understood Samsung’s marketing plans with these. They definitely see them as a somewhat niche device and don’t even offer them in many countries. Unlike the Tab A line which seems to be their most widely sold device line.

Perhaps their reluctance to embrace the 8-inch android tablet size is because they rather that consumers make due with a top line phone instead.

When you have s-penabled Phones at 6.8 inches (S22 Ultra) and s-penabled folds devices (Zfold4) that hit 7.8 inches, a separate non-phone/tablet device in that same approximation size does seem kind of unnecessary. Baring specific use cases…hence the Active line.

On the other end of the specturm, I utterly adore the 8.3 inch iPad Mini, but a large part of that is having Apple Pencil 2 on it. In the same turn the S22 and ZFold 4 would be far more useless without the S-pen. If they opened up the Apple Pencil 2 to a 6.7 iPhone 14 Pro, despite the Mini 6 having an aspect ratioed advantage, it would be much harder to justify a secondary device over one that could act as my daily driver.