Pen Enabled Kindle Scribe

not sure how I forgoet the pen was EMR.

Though technically I’m still right as its EMR and to an SPEN, and yes I’m splitting hairs :laughing:

BTW: one of our supply chain sources thinks they are making way for new models (yes plural) in possibly two sizes, Ala iPad Pro


That would be welcome, esp. if one is larger, and it would almost certainly get me to shell out for an upgrade.

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agreed, though I’d like to see an 8 inch model (the e-ink panels already exist)


I think I prefer the size of my Boox Nova 3 Color. It’s nearly a perfect reader size.

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TLDR this one is a keeper.

Scribe received and set up. This one has the same background lightness as my Paperwhite, unlike the first one I tried a year and a half ago. Possibly a bit lighter. The frontlight is at least as good, too. Evenly lit for both brightness and warmth.

Last but not least, EMR! I’ve been using the Apple Pencil for quite a while. On iPads mini, 11", and 12.9". With and without “paperlike” screen protectors and softer nibs. But coming back to EMR is like coming home. There isn’t anything like it and the texture on the Scribe screen is as good as it gets.

I see that they have added the lasso and conversion to text. Better and better. Though I wonder if they’ve given up on improvements if it’s going to be discontinued. Hopefully the rumor of them coming out with new models is the correct rumor. That way they might keep improving the note-taking even on the original scribe. :crossed_fingers:

I have a “Ultra Slim Thin TPU Rubber Soft Skin Silicone Premium Protective Case” coming in which might help the one thing I dislike: it’s too slippery. But what I would really like is a thin real leather covering. But all I’ve been able to find are thick leather folios of one kind or another.


Follow-up: the silicon/TPU case arrived and it totally solves my problem with the Scribe’s slipperiness while not adding enough weight to be noticed while reading. :+1:

I also have the Amazon leather folio being shipped to me. That’s the one that’s normally $80 but I got it half price Used-Like New at Amazon warehouse. And I applied the doubled cash back (10%) from the Scribe purchase, bringing it down to a reasonable $20. I do need something that completely covers the glass front for when I take it away from my couch outdoors or wherever. Hopefully it’s also light and grippy enough for regular use.


I picked up one of these (it’s actually “Fintie”) and was only just over $13.

It’s working fine for me and does not add too much extra weight, but is not super easy to remove.