Paper-like screen protectors for the iPad

The Verge singing the praises of matte screen protectors:


“There are some downsides to be aware of when using a matte screen protector. Because these screen protectors diffuse the light coming out of the screen, there is an impact to the brightness and color saturation of the screen. If you use your iPad outdoors or you primarily use it for watching movies, this might be an issue for you.” [emphasis mine]

:vb-headscratch: Doesn’t the matte diffusion of bright reflections help more than the reduced brightness hurts when outdoors?


Actually if the screen protector is too matte, it can create a white sheen that cause the screen to not be very visible from an angle. Or could be the protector quality? I have a note phone with matte protector and another with naked screen. The naked screen is always more visible in a bright setting.

But on iPad, matte protection is essential. I was very put off by the slippery Apple Pencil performance on naked screen that I barely use it until I fit it with a matte screen protector.

Nope because the matte screen protectors we’ve seen besides reducing the overall light transmission also partially defeat the anti reflection properties of apples chosen screen coating by doing among other things introducing new polarization effects.

eg. it’s sort of like effect when you hold two polarized lenses against each other and at certain angles it really reduces the light output.

Be that as it may, I’ll take a matte screen protector over bare glass any day of the week and I have put my money where my mouth is on almost every device I’ve had for the last decade.

(dramatized for effect—not an objective scientific exacting and perfect comparison for nitpickers)

In my environment it’s a no-brainer.