Original iPhone, factory sealed goes for almost $64,000

This makes no sense so to me. I’ll admit I have nostalgia for certain devices like my original Blackberry or the tangerine iMac that sit in our living room, used now primarily as a retro gaming device. (with one of my all time favorite games on any platform Dark Castle )

But I only have it and my MessagePad 2100 because I purchased them originally as new and for whatever reason, didn’t sell them or just junk them.

Adn for instance, I’d love to find a Palm Pilot or HandSpring Visor at a yard sale for $10 or so, but there is no way I’d pay anything even close to the original price let alone well over that.

I suspect perhaps that whoever bought this, plans on sitting on it for a while and then flipping it.

Factory-Sealed Original iPhone Sells for $63,356.40 at Auction | PCMag

Collectibility comes to mobile tech devices. Reminds me of the $50K for a working Apple Lisa.

TLDR (Deletes a long, rambling musing about the intersection of nostalgia and high standards of living, the creation of artificial demand based solely on rarity, and the Bill Gates quote on why he doesn’t do NFTs - Next Fool Theory: value exists only as long as the next fool will pay more than the last one did.)


My sister works for a large investment firm who specifically avoids both NFTs and crypto. The running line in her company is that NFT should stand for “Nice F##king Try to separate me from my money”