OG (Original) MS Duo as an Android 12L Mini-Tablet

They were a great deal and pretty good service when they started up. I enjoyed a couple years of good service in rural areas before it went downhill. The decline started when they did the party pay thing where you could hook up with strangers and get it for $25 a month. People piled in and you really can’t do anything about overcrowded towers.

There’s no downside to giving the free trial a test. Maybe your area is okay and the Duo works. Good luck.

I was curious so I checked my Duo Uno IMEI for Visible compatibility. Rejected! But their compatibility checker has been known to be out of date in the past so don’t let that stop you, Dale. Let us know how it goes.

How much you looking to pay? I have one that I used for about 3 months. It was probably used in my own home for about 80% of the time so is practically new.

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Maybe I wasn’t meant to get a Duo1 after all. BuyDig just cancelled my order saying I requested cancellation. Have messaged them about this, but no reply yet. This is getting weird.

Tim & Craig - are you messing with me…

UPDATE - mystery solved; cancelled by SELLER; tough luck Charlie:

"Hello Dale,

Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for the inconvenience regarding the status of your order.
The order you placed has been cancelled today (10/31) due to the item being out of stock. Although, this was originally advertised as, in stock, it seems to have been either oversold, or the inventory may have been slightly inaccurate. We do not want you to wait too long for something that we do not have a time frame on getting back."


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Maybe @jeffreymabq can say more about his (locked/unlocked, storage space, condition) and put it on Swappa for you.

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Thanks Joe, but I’m going to cool my jets for now…


Well if you change your mind, this is one is next to new. I only used it a few months, and mostly at home - I am just too married to the Samsung Ecosystem.

It’s 128GB and unlocked - I was using it on T-Mobile with no problem. I have not upgraded it to Android 12L yet, in case the next owner does not want it. It does have the tiny crack in the plastic at the USB port, but other than that, it is perfect. Charger and cable are still in the box.

Make me an offer - it’s sitting here collecting dust because I have been too busy to throw it on Swappa or CL. No need for Swappa, I have seen you on here for years and will just send it. We are both lawyers, I trust you.

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Thanks @jeffreymabq - appreciate your help, but the first Seller I originally ordered from already shipped the one I wanted to cancel(when I bought the the Buydig for the MS warranty) and should be here in a few days - I may be just getting out of this experiment anyway…

:vb-lol: :vb-lol: :vb-lol:

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Advocacy and dishonesty are a little different…Hey, I am not jeopardizing an ethics complaint to make a buck or save a buck on the internet.


I need specialized tech to keep up with your purchases! :joy: So you’re saying the BuyDig fell through, but another one was already on the way? Talk about covering your bases! And you’re still thinking of cancelling, presumably for the lack of warranty? Just trying to keep up. :yum:

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Come on man, you gotta keep up!

I bought the one that is incoming first, then saw the Buydig with warranty - too late to cancel order 1 so asked for an RMA before making order 2 - but they haven’t replied yet. Meantime submitted order 2 which Buydig cancelled on me. So kind of in limbo.


Haha, I’m trying as best as I can! So are you considering converting your RMA to an RMC (return of merchandise cancellation)? Some of us want to read about your impressions! :grin:

BTW I’m this close to joining in on the fun, especially given that I argued elsewhere that none of my tech is getting replaced any time soon. I always liked the design of the Duo uno.


I’m starting to tilt at the previous windmill instead. I’m going to go concentrate on the SP8 for ALL work related tasks, and focus on the M1 iPad Pro 11 with iPadoSO 16.2 Beta for all things personal. Just can’t put down FaceTime, iMessage, and the shared family Photo library for grandkid time…

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Agreed. You’ll have to excuse my little bit of humor. The general public would be amazed at the level of concern that most lawyers have for the truth.

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I notice a sore lack of an iPad mini sized device for casual reading and browsing. :yum: Very curious if you’ll be able to send the shipment back sight unseen, or if you’ll be tempted to open it. And if the latter, what will happen to your resolve!

No iPad Mini 6 because I lose a lot of money trading/selling the vastly superior iPP11 1tb/5g for any 256gb iPM6 model…

I am going to try hard to return as received if Seller will allow, but sometimes they insist on opening to document any damage from shipment from them to me…

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Note how I said iPad mini sized (like a Duo uno). :wink:

Anyway, I guess I’ll make do without your first impressions and get my own instead. :vb-grin:

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Oh boy! Talk about shameless enabling :joy:. @JoeS, is this what it’s come to. And to think the target is the enabler-in chief himself.


Your welcome - signed Enabler in Chief…