Note 10 charging issue

It took 2 years but I finally have experienced the Galaxy Note 10’s charging issue. I get a message that the phone is too cold to charge and charging stops. Luckily, it stopped when I pressed on the back a bunch of times like Reddit suggested. Solved: Note 10 low temp won't charge - Samsung Community - 1175922. It’s working now, but it’s time to start thinking replacement. When will the new Fold be anounced? It’s either that or the S22 Ultra.

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We’ve heard unofficially that the new foldables are due late q2. Allegedly there will be a new model/new form factor in addition to updates to the Flip and Fold.

That being said, I switched from the Fold 3 to the S22 ultra and I’m much happier. I found that the biggest appeal for me for the Fold was the S Pen. And the drawbacks such as size, weight, app compatibility, mediocre cameras, became bigger the longer I had the phone. Not to mention that while the size of the inner display was appealing (especially for e-reading) because it is for all intents and purposes a one off, a lot of apps were less than ideal as far as usability with MS office apps being the notable exception.

And FWIW, far from official, but we are hearing that the Fold 4 is for all intents and purposes just going to be tweaks to the fold 3. eg. slightly smaller hinge, slightly bigger external display, the new 8X gen 1 chip etc.

OTOH, several folks in our customer base absolutely love the Fold 3 ('best phone I’ve used") so opinions vary and my experience is my own.


Plus, they are almost giving the S22 Ultra away. The screen size and 5G would be significant upgrades.

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