Nokia T21 tablet with HD streaming and stereo speakers

Wacom AES 2.0 and WGP.


This looks like it’s a somewhat downspecced version of the OnePlus tablet especially in the choice of the Unisoc t612 chip which was their top tier chip circa 2020

Unisoc Tiger T610 review and specs (gpu Gflops, size, nm, cores, GHz) (

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OTOH, the price is certainly appealing especially considering it has pen support and we hear it may be coming to Verizon this summer as well

It is considerably cheaper than the S6 Lite 2022 LTE. Then again, if the pen matters, that would eat into that saving quite a bit.

I’ve never got the feeling that artists used (and liked) using the Wacom Aes pen over the Wacom EMR types. I could also be a stubborn dinosaur afraid of change.

I’m no artist, but from the limited use I’ve had of it, I didn’t even like it for handwriting, let alone drawing.

Then again, only recently has MPP become good at that.

cool I did not realize these Nokia tablets had pen support. Maybe I will pick one up on a sale to test pen support for Android app dev (already have an aes pen).

Caution, the T10 (8"er) doesn’t.

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