Nice New Logo

The new logo just popped up into my browser when I rebooted this morning.

Very nice work. Thanks all.


I like it well enough. The only nitpick I have is that with the color scheme I’m using for the forum one of the four squares disappears. Too bad it doesn’t have white border or something.


I like the new logo too. My only suggestion would be that it needs to be a bit bigger at least on the landing page. On both my pro 8 and home iMac, the logo often gets dwarfed by text next to it. I’m not arguing for huge mind you, just perhaps 30% bigger?


Looks like you’re using the same theme I am. It bugs me enough I’m going to find a new theme for now. I do think white borders/background on the logo might help.

edit: I switched to Material UI Mint, and the logo looks much much better on white. I wonder if there could be an alternate logo for dark backgrounds/themes?

Agree on the home page. The logo is the perfect size while in a thread, but on the home page, the logo and font are suddenly tiny.


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